Concert de Printemps avec la soprano Lauren Libaw

Dimanche 19 / 18.30 / Bateau Daphné – 11 quai de Montebello Paris V


Concert Balade à Paris avec la chanteuse Claire-Marie Systchenko. Repertoire chanson Française, comédie musicale et opérette.

Jeudi 28 / 20.30 / Conservatoire Jacques Ibert – 81 rue Armand Carrel

Dimanche 24 / 18.30 / Bateau Daphné – 11 quai de Montebello Paris V



Saturday 30th / 8.30 pm /Teatro Rossini, Gioia Del Colle, Italy

Music from the album « Legacy and R-evolution » composed by Enzo Bellomo

with Elisabetta Anguili on cello


Samedi 30 / 20.30  / Eglise de Saint-Calais, Sarthe

Festival Rencontres Mozart 

Concerto n°11 K413

direction: Antonin Rey

plus d’infos:



Tuesday 9th / 9.00 pm / Eglise de Viellenave, Navarenx

Otvor Duo Recital

Schubert, Cherkin, Franck, Bartok, Brahms, Piazzola, Gershwin

Thursday 11th / 8.30pm / Chapelle Caubin, Arthez de Bearn

Otvor Duo Recital

Schubert, Cherkin, Franck, Bartok, Brahms, Piazzola, Gershwin



Monday 4th / 8.30 / Chateau Latour Segur, Lussac St Emilion

Otvor Duo for « Concert pour un enfant » Charity Gala event

For more informations and booking :

Saturday 9th / 8.30 / Noirmoutier

Otvor Duo

Schubert, Brahms, Franck, Bartock and Piazzola


Friday 15th / 7.30pm / Hampton Court House – London

Otvor Duo Recital

Intimate moments for violin and piano

Book your tickets at


Sunday 27th / 6.30pm / Bateau Daphné – Paris

Otvor Duo Recital

Brahms and Franck sonatas for violin and piano

Booking informations :


Friday 12th / 8.00pm / private venue in Islington – London

Trio Recital

Brahms piano trio opus 40. E flat major

With Anaïs Boyadjieva- violin and Rémi Faggiani- horn



Thursday 3d until the 22d/ On board Minerva 

One Solo Concert and four Opera Barcarola Concerts for the Swan Hellenic company on board the Minerva on both sides of the Atlantic…


Thursday 30th/ 8.00pm/ Aix en Provence

Duets Recital : Opera, songs and piano

Debussy: Les epigraphes antiques

Schubert: Fantaisie in F minor

Arias from La Nozze de Figaro, Manon, Romeo and Juliet  and American Musical Theatre songs

Wednesday 22th/ 9.00pm/ Chapelle de Prigny

Piano duet: four hands and solos

Schumann: Fantaisie

Chopin: 2d Scherzo

Debussy: Les epigraphes antiques

Schubert: Fantaisie in F minor

With Pianist David Salmon


Monday 8th/ 4.00pm / Recital Hall

Final Recital

Grieg: Sonata n°3

Franck: Sonata

With Violinist Anaïs Boyadjieva 



Monday 11th / 6.00pm / St Stephen Church

Duet piano-violon

Grieg: Sonata n°3

Franck: Sonata

With Violinist Anaïs Boyadjieva 



Monday 9th / 1.05pm / RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

RCM Keyboard Festival

Messiaen: Trois mélodies

With Soprano Lauren Libaw

Friday 6th / 6pm / Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Chausson : Chanson Perpetuelle

With soprano Lauren Libaw, violin 1 Clara Danchin, violin 2 Anaïs Boyadjieva, viola James Douglas and cello Florian Sattler.



Friday 6th / 6pm / Britten Theatre RCM, London

Opera Scenes

Hansel and Gretel

Wednesday 4th / 7pm / Bloomsbury church, London






And some extracts from American musical theatre

With soprano Lauren Libaw




Saturday 1st / 8pm / St Merry Church Paris V

Poulenc: Melodies 

Songs by Britten, Butterworth, Copland, Duke and Foster

Arias by Haendel, Massenet and Mozart

With soprano Lauren Libaw



Sunday 28th / 4pm / Bateau Daphné, Paris IV

Melodies by Satie, Hahn, Liszt, Massenet and Poulenc

Songs by Arlen, Kern, Berlin, Marzullo and Gershwin

With soprano Lauren Libaw

Wednesday 16th / 7 pm / London Founding Museum

Donizetti: Don Pasquale

Massenet: Manon « Oh mon cousin »

Verdi: “Il Poveretto” “La Seduzione” “Stornello”

With soprano Lauren Libaw

Friday 5th / 5.00 pm / Sallorge de Noirmoutier

« Un concert pour quatre mains »


Ravel Ma mère l’Oye

Debussy la Petite Suite

Grieg Peer Gynt Suite n°1


De Falla Serenade Andaluse

Escaich Jeux de doubles

Mozart Sonata (by David Salmon)

With David Salmon



Friday 4th / 7.00 pm / Chateau Latour Segur St Emilion

Charity concert « Concert pour un enfant » for « Clown Z’Hôpitaux » Charity

Ravel, Debussy, Grieg, Chostakovitch

With David Salmon



Sunday 29th / 7.00pm / Aix en Provence

Private Concert: Duets, Solos and Songs

Rossini, Gounod, Schubert, Ravel, Brahms, De Falla, Mozart and others…

With David Salmon and Lauren Libaw


Friday 23th / 11am / RCM Recital Hall

Accompaniment Recital Mperf1





With Julien Van Mellaerts, Lauren Libaw and Oriane Pocard Kieny

Monday 19th / 7.00pm / Cercle FRANCE AMERIQUES, 75008 Paris

Songs and Arias Recital

Performing Opera arias, German lieder, French songs and some American repertoire

With soprano Lauren Libaw



Lundi 3 / 13h00 / RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Festival Piano du RCM: The russians

Prokofiev Cinq poésies d’Anna Akhmatova

With soprano Lauren Libaw



Friday 24th / 1.05pm / St Mary abbots

Lunchtime Concert

Poulenc Les Fiançailles pour rire

Strauss Mädchenblumen

With soprano Lauren Libaw

Thursday 9th / 7.30pm / RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Film Orchestra

The Film Orchestra is back with new film music, such as How to train a dragon, the Lion King, Hugo and more.



Friday 13th/ 7.30 pm/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

RCM Philarmonic

Britten Canadian Carnival op 19

Dvořák Scherzo Capriccioso op 66 B 131

Kodály Háry János Suite

Britten Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra op 34

With conductor Peter Stark

Tuesday 3d/ 8.30 pm/ Ronnie Scott’s jazz club

August and After

Performing songs from the album « Embers » and new exclusive songs.


Monday 11th/ 1.00 pm/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Prize Winner Concert

T.Takemitsu 2d Litany

T.Escaich Jeux de double

R.Schumann Stücke im Volkton op.102 for cello

With cello player Florence Petit

Tuesday 5th/ 8.30 pm/ Ronnie Scott’s jazz club

August and After

Performing songs from the album « Embers » and new exclusive songs.

Monday 4th/ 6.00 pm/ RCM Inner Parry Room

RCM Chamber Music

F.Poulenc Oboe sonata –transcribed for soprano saxophone.

With saxophone player Martin Trillaud

Friday 1th/ 2.00 pm/ RCM East Parry Room

Franck Timpe saxophone Master Class

C.Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso

With saxophone player Martin Trillaud


Thursday 10th/ 8.30 pm/ The Finsbury Pub

August and After

My first concert with the band August and After, performing songs from their album Embers.

For more informations:

Thursday 3th/ 2.00 pm/ RCM Recital Hall

Roger Vignoles singer’s Master Class

B.Britten Sally Garden

F.Schubert Am Feieraband

With Baryton Huw Montague Rendall


Thursday 13th/ 2.10 pm/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

My Final Recital

B.Britten Notturno

C.Debussy Images, 2d book

F.Couperin Extracts from 25, 26 and 27 ordres

T.Escaich Variations-Etudes

T.Ades Darkness visible


Wednesday 1st/ 10.30/ RCM

Private concert for an RCM’s donor

On a Trio commision called A Lost Child , three versions from RCM composers : Jude Obermuller, Toby Nelms and Idil Atac.

With violin player Julian Fish and cello player Karoline Brevik

Tuesday 7th/ 7.30 pm/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Film Orchestra

New edition of the Film Orchestra, with again film music and new pieces from composition for screen students.


Wednesday 17th/ 7.30 pm/ RCM Britten Theatre

Composition for screen Show Case

Films viewings with live music from composition for screen students, performed by an RCM student orchestra.

Conductor: Pierre O’Reilly


Monday 25th/ 10.00 am/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Contemporary competition

T.Takemitsu Litany

T.Ades Darkness Visible

T.Escaich Variations-etudes and Jeux de doubles


Tuesday 22th/ 7.30 pm/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Film Orchestra

Performing famous film music but also new pieces from composition for screen students.

Friday 18th/ 1.05 pm/ St Mary abbots church

Lunchtime Concert

T.Escaich Variations-Etudes

C.Debussy Images, 2d book

Tuesday 15th/ 1.05 pm/ RCM, Recital Hall

Sign-up Play-up Concert

C. Debussy Images, 2d book



Grand auditorium of Nice’s CRR

Closing concert of the Nice summer academy

Beethoven Sonata n°9, opus 14 n.1


Friday 22th/ 1.05 pm/ St Mary Abbots Church, Kensington

Schubert Trio opus 100 (1st and 2d Mvmts)

With violin player Lison Favard and cello player William Harvey

Lundi 11/15.10 am/ RCM Durrington Room

Recital on Fortepiano

Nikolaus Von Krufft Sonata in E major

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto KV 447 in Es

With natural horn player Arthur Breuil

Vendredi 8/ 1.30 pm/RCM Recital Hall

Beethoven Trio opus 1 n°1 (1st mvmt).

Beethoven Sonate opus 14 n° 1

Chopin Scherzo n° 2

Ravel Jeux d’eau

Escaich Jeux de doubles

With violin player Lison Favard and cellist William Harvey


February 30th/ 3.00 pm/ RCM Parry room

Brahms Cello sonata opus 38 n°1

With cellist Florence Petit

February 2d/ 7.30 pm/ College Hall

RCM Watercolors Festival

Somei Satoh Bridges no 5 (2008) London premiere

Sunday 4th/ RCM Amaryllis Fleming Hall

Two Pianos 

Debussy “Dialogue du vent et de la mer” from La mer

Poulenc « l’embarquement pour Cythère »



-Théâtre Universitaire de Nantes : Chostakovitch Sonata for viola and piano

Viola : Oriane Pocard Kieny

-Conservatoire de Nantes : Malher quartet and Brahms quartets opus 60 and 25.

Violin : Noémie Nenert

Viola : Oriane Pocard Kieny

Cello : Nicolas Menut


Concert « du dimanche matin » théâtre Graslin : Brahms quartet opus 60.

Violin : Noémie Nenert

Viola : Oriane Pocard Kieny

Cello : Nicolas Menut

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